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Bästa CS:GO intjäningssajter med affiliate-koderi 2024

Här hittar du pålitliga CS: GO-intjäningssidor och mer. Legit och fullständigt granskad!


Why are CSGO skins so popular and desired by players? Skins in Counter-Strike are valid for most players. We can feel like professionals with skins because they make our game more enjoyable. Everybody would like to have at least one of them in our inventory. However, they are not free, and many of them can cost a lot of money.

Read the article below to find a way to get CS:GO items for free.

Before we get into how to get free skin, we need to tell ourselves what Counter-strike skins are?

It is a virtual texture that changes our weapon’s appearance. Each has the value assigned to it by its condition and rarity class. They give us a unique look at our weapons during the game. That is the main reason why they have gained such popularity among players.

How to get CS2 / CS:GO skins for free?

As it turns out, there are many ways!


We can get skins through ranked games and other game modes. When you play a game you have a chance to get a skin or a case. Then we can sell the winning items on the market. That’s the easiest and fastest way to get your first free skin, and the build of this feature encourages players to keep playing and have some benefits from playing.


Another way is to watch tournaments of professional players. CS:GO Major Championship is an event where players can receive souvenir cases. Linking your Steam account to your Twitch account is a requirement when watching a stream. This method is only available when tournaments exist. You can get skin much faster.



The third way is to link your Steam account to free sites that offer daily bonuses. To access the daily free rewards, you’ll need to meet site requirements, such as a profile picture, and you must add on your Steam nickname like


Freecash partners work with many offerwall websites and market research companies to serve their users with easy-to-complete offers. Here are some reasons why Freecash is the best site for free skins.

  • The redemption process is fast. Your redemption is received in minutes. On other sites, you have to wait hours – even days.
  • Straightforward offers to complete.
  • A human support staff (not a bot) wants to help you. The support is quick and helpful (much better than on other sites).
  • Leaderboard bonuses for earning against other users on the site.
  • It’s easy to navigate and sign up.

How to start earning free CS2 / CS:GO skins on Freecash?

First, we need to log in to a Google or Steam account or do it classically – using an e-mail address and password. In the case of the latter option, it will also be necessary to confirm your address by clicking on the button in the sent message. After a long time, when we do not receive the message code, we recommend checking the SPAM folder in our e-mail. Registration is possible after the age of 13.

Only for creating an account, we get one free box on the website, which may contain coins with a value from $ 0.05 to $ 250.

We earn mainly from performing paid internet tasks and completing surveys. Both of these possibilities are available in the “Earn” tab at the top of the page. After entering it, we have to select one of the visible companies offering offerwalls or surveys and click on it. In the next window, all we have to do is review the tasks and proceed to implementation.


Contests are organized by various social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best ones to join are small communities. You can watch your favorite streamers on platforms like Youtube or Twitch, who sometimes give out free skins to their subscribers on stream. You can find Counter-Strike giveaways also at Discord servers. There are a lot of entry methods to get free skins. The most common ones are Twitter and Instagram, the prize value of the Items is high, but there are also a lot of people and unnecessary a lot of bots who participate. In each of the mentioned methods, there is a rule to be met to take part in the competition, like writing a nice comment and liking the post. Tag two friends and share the post.


Operations are purchasable DLCs for Counter-strike, which have exclusive content.

Operation RIPTIDE. Who purchased access to the riptide operation by buying it in the game. Will be given different tasks and missions to complete. Every completed task will reward the player with stars that can be converted against an operation weapon case or a random weapon skin.


The last method is Challenger mode tournaments. They even have a 1v1 matchmaking system. If you don’t have a team you can find one, they have a Team Finder system that can help you find your dream team.

Most prizes are Euros and the free-to-play tournaments even have cash prizes. To play in the tournaments, you need to connect a Steam account. You can join every tournament if you do It.

To withdraw your money, you need three Euros from winnings and there is a one Euro fee to withdraw the money. Monetary prizes are automatically given out but non-monetary prizes will take much longer because those are sent manually.

You can also create your CS:GO skin for free!

However, you need to demonstrate skills to complete a project that will be good. When Valve releases a new case, you can create your skin and put it on the steam workshop. The community will decide if they want your skin in the game.

If your skin project wins, you will receive money from people who purchase the chest where your project is. You can get a nice income from that.

Earning methods

Survey is a list of questions of a specific subject for particular group of people. You can answer questions in order to help advertisers and other businesses and get money in return. It's one of the most popular earning method among earning sites.
Watching advertisement videos is a fast way to earn money. Although, it's not very profitable and there is a limit of number of videos you can watch every day.
You can earn by downloading mobile apps/games. Some of the task will require you to complete certain action, i.e. complete level in game, most of them will take few minutes, but better rewarding can take few hours.
Referral system
You can earn money using referral system, which most of the earning sites have. All you have to do is refer a friend with referral link/code (depends on site). After he signs in with your link, you get a percentage of his earnings.
Plenty of earning sites are offering leaderboards in which users that earned the most each month get rewarded with balance. If you are planning to spend a lot of time on earning site, pick one that has leaderboard with highest rewards.
Offerwall is a way to monetize app with tasks and surveys. For advertisers it's a great way to promote a product. Offerwall is offering surveys and other tasks like installing an application. It helps app creator to monetize it and user to receive bonuses without needing to spend money. On earning site, offerwalls is offering us possibility to earn money by completing various tasks.

How much can I earn

Unfortunately, not much. Depending on time you spent and available tasks up to $10/day. We don’t recommend doing these tasks for a long run, but it’s fine if you don’t want spend money on skins and have much free time.

Important things to remember

You cannot use VPN (Virtual Private Network) on most of these sites.
You cannot use multiple accounts.
Adblock is forbidden. If you use adblock, add website you want to earn on to whitelist.
You must provide real information in surveys


We have described working methods, how to get a skin for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for free. You can get your first skins in many ways, but you have to remember that the chosen method has an impact on your winning chances. Some of them require more time and sacrifice. If you want a free skin quickly, we recommend you do daily bonuses and play the game. Those are much better ways than watching a stream and participating in contests due to the probability of your chances of winning a skin.


Can you get CS:GO skins for free?

The best way to get free CSGO Skins for your inventory is by playing the game. After every game you play, there is a chance to get a free skin or case.

How do you get free skins on CS:GO?
  1. The best way for free CS:GO skins is by playing the game
  2. Get free CS:GO skins with Operations
  3. Get free CS:GO skins from paid surveys.
  4. Get the free CS:GO skins through gambling websites.
What is the best site for free CS:GO skins?

CS:GO skin gambling websites are CSGOempire, CSGO500 or These three websites have different referral rewards, which you can get by recommending these sites to CS:GO players.

How to get free keys in CS:GO?

The only way to get a free key is if someone is very generous to us or someone does a giveaway.

How do I get my free knife in CS:GO?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free knife.