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Bästa CS:GO matchspelsajter med affiliate-koderi 2024

Här hittar du pålitliga CS:GO Match Betting-sidor och mer. Legit och fullständigt granskad!


CS2 / CS:GO match betting

Do you enjoy watching eSports or sports matches? You can bet on them with real money, crypto. Many bookmakers also accept CS:GO skins as a deposit method.

If you are looking for an exciting way to take the risk and win some extra money, match betting is for you. You should analyze matches that you want to bet on to maximize the chance of winning. You should carefully look for recent matches of both teams, teams lineups, event prize pool, check if the event is online or offline (LAN) and how both teams performed in both types of events. The very important factor is also each player’s attitude and their relationships with each other. Less known teams might train much harder for smaller events than teams that have such events every week. The match favorite might feel too confident and do stupid mistakes when playing agaist the weaker team.


Live betting

Some match betting sites will offer you the possibility to bet during a match. The odds are calculated depending on the situation in a match. If team A is losing by a lot, it will have great odds.


Types of match bets

Most bookmakers will offer you a way to predict different outcomes of a game. You don’t have to bet just on a team A or B winning. You can predict different outcomes of a game. For example, you can bet with a handicap. Handicap offers one team an advantage (for example +1.5 map for CS:GO matches), which can make a game more equal and give more bet possibilities to users. There are also other types of bets, such as the number of maps played or rounds in a certain map.

The most popular types of bets are:

Outright bet is a bet placed on the outcome of an entire event or league rather than on one game. Outright bets are characterized by much higher returns and risks.
Handicap bet is a type of bet which is intended to equalize odds in a match in which one team is favored by a lot. For example when there is a CS:GO match between Virtus Pro and Liquid, in which Liquid is a favorite of the match, a sportsbook will offer a possibility to bet on Virtus Pro with a virtual advantage of +6.5 rounds and -6.5 rounds for Liquid. So if you bet on Virtus Pro and the match ended with a result of 16-10 for Liquid and you betted on Virtus Pro with +6.5 rounds handicap, you would still win as those 6.5 rounds are added to the score, so it would be theoretically 16.5-16 for Virtus Pro.
Map winner
you can bet that an e-sport team will win a particular map. If you find that one team is much stronger on a certain map than another, you can bet on only one map instead of the whole match.
Map round count
when you're placing a bet on map round count, you are simply guessing whether the number of rounds in a map will be smaller or higher than some number.
Round winner
in e-sports betting some bookmakers offers a possibility to bet on a certain round. These kinds of bets are very risky and random. It's not recommended to bet on single rounds.
Combo betting
A Combo bet is a bet, in which you choose multiple match results and if you guessed them all right, you win a multiplier of these matches multiplied by each other. So for example, if you place a combo on two teams, each one with a 1.3 multiplier and those teams win, your bet is multiplied by 1.3*1.3=1.69.

Tips for CS2 / CS:GO Match Betting

Don’t go with all-in –

You shouldn’t bet all of your money on one match, even if it seems like some team is way better than the other team. Everybody can have a worse day, so it’s better to not fully rely on a person or a team in match betting.

Bet on a bookmaker with the best odds –

Odds will differ between the sites, so you should always check multiple CS:GO match betting sites to be sure that you are betting on a site with the best odds possible.

Don’t treat it as a way to earn –

You should treat match betting as a way of relaxation. You probably won’t make a profit in a long run, so it’s not worth it to try to make match betting a source of income.

Set yourself a limit –

You should set yourself a limit on how much you can bet, so you don’t lose too much.