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Bästa DOTA 2 spelsajter med affiliate-koderi 2024

Här hittar du pålitliga DOTA 2-spelwebbplatser och mer. Legit och fullständigt granskad!


DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by VALVE in 2013. In DOTA 2 players fight against each other in 5v5 game, where they must defend their towers and destroy enemy towers. Every player choose hero on the beggining of the match. Every hero have different abilities and roles in the match (support, carry, jungler, etc). DOTA 2 is the first game to use Source 2 engine. DOTA 2 have cosmetic items, which customizes visual elements within DOTA 2. They are only graphical and don’t affect gameplay. DOTA 2 skins are tradeable and thanks to that there are many DOTA 2 skins gambling websites on the market.


Today, Dota 2 game items are a distinct currency that you can bet with while enjoying gambling. This is a great chance to increase your capital and get real money or valuable items in return.

Today you can find a lot of Dota 2 gambling sites that offer skin gambling. If you want to play safely and not risk the game items, read our review of the best gambling sites

  • Dota2lounge – the best site for sharing and betting on Dota 2 games
  • Rivalry – the widest eSports betting market
  • BC.Game – the most generous welcome bonus
  • Stake – the only site with Provably Fair on all games
  • CSGORoll – the best P2P site
  • GamDom – the best range of games
  • Thunderpick – the best crypto platform
  • GG.Bet – the best eSports betting site
  • DuelBits – the most original loyalty program

Please see a more detailed overview below to help you understand the advantages, disadvantages, and features of each site.

Top 9 Dota 2 Gambling Sites

Popular games among DOTA 2 gambling websites

Jackpot is very popular and easy to play casino game popular among DOTA 2 gambling websites. Players can deposit their skins into the pot. Their chance of winning depends on their deposit and total pot. If your deposit is equal to 50% value of the pot, you have 50% to win the pot.
Coinflip is a game, where two players bet against each other. One player picks coinflip side, and the other player joins it. Both players have 50% winning chance. The Winner is randomly picked, and the winner receives skins deposited by both players (minus house edge).
Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. There are lot variants of roulettes, but the most popular in DOTA 2 casinos is the one with three colors. Green with 14x multiplier and Black and Red with 2x multiplier each. If the roulette lands on the color you picked, you win given multiplier.
Refferal codes
There are plenty of DOTA 2 betting sites that offers bonuses for new users. It can be deposit bonus or free credits, it depends on the site. We are listing these sites and providing referral codes that gives bonuses.

How to Gamble on Dota 2?

Playing with Dota 2 items is very easy.

First, you need to choose one of the Dota 2 item betting sites from our review, and then follow the simple instructions:

Register on the website or log in via Google
Make a deposit using the preferred method
Choose a section with a game or sports betting
In the case of winning, the funds will be credited to the balance, and if necessary, it is possible to withdraw them to the crypto purse

The instructions may vary if a different site is selected. For example, when it comes to Dota 2 gambling with skins, you need to enter your Steam profile and activate steam guard. After the deposit, skins will be converted into game coins for betting. As for such games as Coinflip, it is possible to bet with skins without conversion on some new sites, and in case of success, the winner takes away the skins of the opponent.


Dota 2 gamble gives a lot of thrills, emotions, and impressions. If luck is on your side, you can get a substantial reward in money or valuable items. Choose reliable platforms and get guaranteed payouts with the total security of personal data.


Can you bet on Dota 2?

Not only you can, but it’s very exciting and profitable if you choose the site wisely and control your bankroll.

Where can I bet on Dota?

There are many platforms like where you can bet with Dota 2 skins.

How do you bet on a Dota 2 match?

Betting on Dota 2 matches is offered by such bookmakers as BC.Game, Stake, and others.