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Bästa sälj Rust Skins-webbplatser med affiliate-koderi 2024

Här hittar du pålitliga webbplatser för försäljning av rostskinn och mer. Legit och fullständigt granskad!


Surviving the harsh, unforgiving world of RUST is a challenge in and of itself.

Not only are the elements against you, local wildlife and even other players are constantly hunting you down, seeking to kill you at every opportune moment.

If you’re a seasoned player of the game, the odds are probably in your favour every time you log into your account to continue yet another day in RUST.

But what’s the use of your hard work if you aren’t making anything out of it (besides the endless grind for survival)?

Here’s where come into play!

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The Best Places to Sell RUST Skins

Why Should You Sell RUST Skins to Us?

If you are still new to CSGOCatalog, you might be on the fence about trusting us with your RUST item sales and transactions.

This may ring true for users who wish to sell RUST skins for PayPal accounts too, which can sometimes become a hurdle due to budget restrictions and time hassles.

Don’t fret, as sites for selling RUST skins offer you various advantages by utilizing our platform, such as:

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How to Sell RUST Skins Fast and Securely?

Making a profit while having fun in RUST sure sounds like a great combo, and that’s a fact!

If you are looking to earn your first RUST money from us, here is the way to do it:

Log into your Steam account
Visit site for selling RUST skins
Link your Steam account to our store by inputting your Steam Trade URL and email address under the Account Settings on our store (you may also receive a prompt during your first site visit)
Once successful, browse to the ‘Sell’ tab located on top of our store
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Designate a comfortable selling price
If everything is finalized, click the ‘List Items’ below to put them up for sale

Afterwards, you can continue to play the game as usual while obtaining more items as well.

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It’s that simple!

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What are RUST Skins?

RUST skins are cosmetic changes that alter the appearance of in-game equipment and items to personalize your playing experiences without adding any unfair advantages during gameplay. Depending on rarity, some RUST skins are significantly more valuable than others which may be reflected by their increased selling prices on the market.

How to Apply RUST Skins?

If you have a specific skin unlocked/ redeemed inside your account, you are able to change your equipment’s/ item’s appearance in two (2) ways:

  1. Crafting. While in the crafting menu, you can apply a skin on your new specific equipment/ item before completing the process (skins can always be changed later).
  2. Repair. While using the Repair Bench, put the intended equipment/ item into it. A ‘Skins’ column will appear when you select the specific equipment/ item required, allowing you to choose the skin to apply on it accordingly.
How do you Obtain RUST Skins?

You can acquire new skins in RUST through a few different methods:

  1. Random loot. After playing RUST for long periods of time, you can sometimes find skins (weapons, armour, etc.) as item drops in the game (rare chance).
  2. Official Steam platform. You are able to buy and trade skins from Steam’s own in-game store as well, whether through the Steam client or from the game’s menu itself.
  3. Online marketplace. Reliable trading centres such as allow free roam of trading skins while also putting them up for sale in order to make real money securely.

There is no pressure for you to decide on how best to acquire new skins for your item sets, but bear in mind that each has its own distinct pros and cons.

Can You Make your Own Skins?


In fact, you can even make a nice income out of it if you are a committed RUST skin creator too.

To create your own RUST skins, you will need to boot up the game and choose ‘Workshop’ from the in-game menu.

You will be redirected to the Workshop lobby which allows you to customize all equipment/ item that are available in the game.

However, you may sometimes be required to download certain essential files beforehand if you are looking to implement high-quality textures created by other users from the community, so make sure to check out some tutorials online regarding on how to do this effectively.