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Bästa köp av TF2-nycklar med affiliate-koderi 2024

Här hittar du pålitliga Buy TF2 Keys-webbplatser och mer. Legit och fullständigt granskad!


TF2 Keys open cases for Team Fortress 2. The cases contain a variety of items. Each key can be used once, after that it disappears. The point is that the cases have different contents. And the better it is, the more expensive the tool to open it.

We offer an overview of the main resources where you can buy TF2 Keys. Each platform is interesting in its own way, there are unique offers. Do not miss the opportunity to buy the necessary number of keys and get a valuable item.

Check out the most popular sites that offer keys for sale. The following options are offered to you:

  • Tradeit.GG;
  • Dmarket;
  • Skinport;
  • SkinWallet;
  • WTFSkins;

All of them have a good reputation. However, each user decides independently which site to choose. It depends on the functionality and current offers.

How Do I Select the Best Website to Buy TF2 Keys?

Do not neglect the need to choose the best site. This will protect you from connections with fraudulent resources and allow you to buy keys at a reasonable price. If you want to choose the best site to buy TF2 Keys, check the following criteria:

The longer it has been in operation, the more reliable the resource is
Number of users
Number of users
the number of registered users. The more of them, the higher is the level of trust
the date the platform was founded. The longer it has been in operation, the more reliable the resource is
the simplicity of registration on the portal. No one wants to get into the specifics and spend half a day to create an account
the number of deals made. If there are a lot of them, users have no problem buying tools to open cases
the cost of TF2 Keys. Your task is to find a reliable platform with cheap tools
the variability of settlement methods. You must have the right to choose in order to use the most acceptable service

TF2 Keys Site

How to Buy TF2 Keys

Choose the right site to buy TF2 Keys.
Register and log in to your profile.
Check out the available offers and the current price.
Add the exchange link on Steam, add money to your account, and submit a purchase request.


When choosing a platform to buy TF2 Keys, you need to evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. To avoid falling into the trap of scammers, check the duration of the site’s operation, reviews of real users, and the variability of payment systems.

Equally important are the cost indicators. Your goal is to buy case-opening tools as cheaply as possible. However, in doing so, you need to bypass unregistered platforms where the operators can cheat you.

We have provided a brief overview of portals that are popular among game fans. You can choose one of the resources according to your personal preferences. We also recommend paying attention to the rating at The best are considered Tradeit.GG and Skinport. Both sites are rated by users at 4.9. Go to each of them and discover the perfect option for you.


Are TF2 Keys free?

No, keys must be purchased. You can only get them for free if your friends send you such a gift.

How much does a TF2 Key cost?

The question of how much money you will pay for the keys is ambiguous. It all depends on the price set on a particular platform, discounts, etc.

Where do I get the TF2 Key?

If you are interested in where to buy keys for TF2, then pay attention to the list of platforms offered in the review. For example, you can do it on Tradeit.GG.