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Who started the war in Ukraine?

The answer to the question of who started the war in Ukraine can be found on any political platform. And, unfortunately, it is not always unambiguous. We are firmly convinced that the Russian president started the hostilities on the territory of the country. His views and beliefs allowed him to unleash the war without thinking about the lives ruined.

One of the world’s leading armies proved to be incompetent but that has not stopped the Russian commander-in-chief. He continues his attempts to achieve what he wants by terrorizing the civilian population of Ukraine. At the same time, new goals are declared time and again. For instance, we have already heard about the protection of Donbas, the “denazification” of the country, and its demilitarization. No one knows how many more new goals will be voiced. However, the persistent shifts in perspective only indicate that Russia has no clear objectives and its soldiers are going to be slaughtered. And while the Russian troops choose their own path, Ukrainians have to defend their homeland with all their strength and effort. Tragically enough, often they do it at the cost of their own lives.

How does a terrorist country fight on the territory of Ukraine?

On February 24, 2022, an unspeakable disaster happened – Russian troops invaded Ukraine. The aggressor launched missile strikes that shocked the innocent population. The Ukrainian Command formed a strong defense in the leading directions to prevent the enemy units from advancing across the country.

Russia deployed land-based military equipment to accomplish its tasks. At the same time, it performed air strikes. At the same time, Russian president Vladimir Putin shuffled off the responsibility for the bloodshed to the Ukrainian leadership.

The missile and bombing raids on airports, as well as the battles near the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, were the beginning of terrible events. Russia continued to be active thereafter, which is the reason for the regular howls of air-raid alerts. Thousands of civilians were buried under the rubble of buildings or were killed by the blasts at public facilities. They are not to be blamed for anything but have become a bargaining chip in the game of the Russian president. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers who defended their lands will never return home. And how many of them have been crippled simply at the whim of one ruler is hard to imagine.

What war crimes does Russia commit on the territory of Ukraine?

Many episodes of war crimes committed by Russia have been observed and proven. The aggressor country has been exterminating the population of Ukraine on a massive scale through:

  1. The shelling of residential areas by indiscriminate weapons. This refers to cluster munitions, as well as multiple rocket launchers. At the same time, it is impossible to speak of incidental strikes as there are no military objects in the area near the destroyed targets. The most frightening events are the strikes on the Kramatorsk railway station and the Mariupol Theater.
  2. The looting of Ukrainian residential houses, factories, and plants. The cases are proven by the interception of Russian soldiers’ phone calls.
  3. The mass murder of civilians during the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian cities. This is evidenced by the massacre in Bucha.
  4. The kidnapping and murder of civilians in territories under Russia’s control. For instance, officials, journalists, and ordinary residents have been missing in the occupied territories.
  5. The abuse of prisoners of war, including torture and death sentences.

Another important issue is the exhaustion of the Ukrainian civilian population during the war due to the deliberate restriction of access to medicine, food, water, heat, and power supplies. This leads to a humanitarian catastrophe that affects all residents of the country, especially the younger generation, which is in dire need of a balanced diet.

How can you help Ukraine defeat the invader?

Let’s help Ukraine defeat the aggressor together. There are special organizations and individual representatives within and outside the country that raise funds for important causes, such as:

  • supporting the defense potential of Ukraine;
  • providing medical assistance;
  • establishing humanitarian positions;
  • restoration of destroyed facilities;
  • contribution to education and science.

Please understand that even the smallest contribution can be the link that opens the door to greater victories. If all caring citizens of our Planet provide such help, Ukraine will be able to actively confront the enemy. The civilian population must be provided with the necessary supplies for a decent life, and children should be able to attend kindergartens and schools. Please do not ignore the tragedy that Ukraine has been facing, proven funds that you can trust: