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Best RUST Trading Sites with affiliate codesin 2024

Here you will find trustworthy RUST Trading Sites & more. Legit and fully reviewed!


Trade RUST skins

You can exchange your RUST skins for other skins with a similiar value easily. There are many RUST trading sites that allows you to trade items instantly between bots. Just login to the trading site, enter your tradelink, choose your items to trade and items you would like from a bot. Hit a “trade” button and wait for a trade offer from a bot. After few seconds you will receive trade offer. To accept it go to steam website, go to profile (click your avatar at the top-right corner), then click inventory and “Trade Offers”.

RUST skins pricing

Most of the RUST skins are sold rarely, up to few sales a day and price on steam community market may change rapidly. Beacuse of that, we are recommending you to check if prices are accurate on trading sites of items you are trading. If they are underpriced, you should choose other RUST trading site. Note that they can have a bit lower value, because of a rake.


Lowering commission

When you want to trade on RUST trading site, you should check if it offers you a way to lower a commission. If it does, you should follow steps on site you want to trade on. Most often you will have to add trading site domain to your steam nickname and relog to get lower commission.

Overview About RUST Skins Trading: How To Trade Skins In RUST?

Since 2018, RUST has been one of the most popular multiplayer survival games among players who like playing games of this genre. While this game is so popular among gamers, they also like a little customization in their gaming experience. Gamers that play various multiplayer games go for skins as it makes their gaming experience more personalized, interesting and cool. There is a marketplace where players can trade weapon skins and various building parts like vending machines, wooden shop front and metal shop front. Gamers spend hundreds of dollars in the marketplace. Such is the craze for this game.


Over the last few years, gamers like to have a much more customized experienced, whether they are playing CS:GO, Warzone or any other multiplayer FPS or survival game. Skin Trading in RUST also happens on a massive scale and many websites allow players to trade exotic weapon skins on their platform. You can also make a decent amount of money from selling weapon skins and other in-game accessories on these websites. However, there is a certain percentage of the transaction fee that every RUST trading website charges.

If you want to trade some of the most iconic and exotic weapon skins in the game, these are the RUST trading sites that you should be using to trade RUST skins:

Which RUST trading site should I choose?

Commission: The lower commission, the better valued skins you can get in exchange. Most of the sites have listed commission rates, so you can check if they are acceptable for you.
Trustworthiness: Trading site should has good reputation. It should be running from long time. The good way to check reputation of trading site is to check their social media.
Inventory: You should choose trading sites that have larger inventories, so you have more skins to choose from.

Best Sites to Trade RUST Skins

RUST Trading Guide: How to Trade RUST Items

If you want to make money by selling RUST skins, or, if you want to purchase exotic and stylish weapon skins, you have to understand how this process works.

To connect your steam account with SkinsMonkey or Rustskins, all you have to do is log into the website through your Steam account by adding your Steam credentials to the Steam login page.

To buy your desired weapon skin, navigate to the store page, where you will be finding weapon skins worth millions of dollars. Once you have chosen what you want to buy, click on the ‘Add to Cart option.

Click on the cart icon and press the checkout button to buy the items that you have added to your cart. We accept all major payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, Visa, Master Card and American express.

Once you confirm your purchase, you will instantly get a trade offer, as we have a massive RUST skin trading platform where thousands of gamers perform trades every day.

Advantages of RUST Trading

SkinsMonkey, Skinport and DMarket are the best websites for RUST skin trading, here’s why:

They have have the largest seller base compared to other RUST trading sites.
They are the most trusted trading site out there as we offer safe transactions and a large seller base.
They offer the lowest transaction fees among all RUST skin trading websites. You’ll have to pay a 10% or 5% commission for selling skins and have to pay no extra charges while buying skins.
They have the best customer service who will solve your matters within 24 hours in a highly cooperative manner.
You can get a trade offer as soon as you confirm the skin you want to purchase. They have the most affordable rates on market.


What is the best RUST trading site? is the best trade bot website to trade skins and other in-game accessories. Here, you will be able to deal with a massive seller base and get the best prices. They are better than Dmarket, Bitskins, and other websites that allow you to trade RUST skins.

Can you trade RUST Skins?

Yes, you can trade RUST Skins and if you own exotic RUST skins, you can trade them with other players for the money.

How do you trade in RUST skins for money?

Yes, you can make money by selling exotic RUST skins. Depending on the demand and rarity of your skin, you can make more money by selling skins on different RUST skin trading sites. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign up: Register yourself on or and then, connect your Steam account and enter your Trade URL.
  2. Sell Skins: Choose the items from your inventory that you want to sell and trade them to a bot on our platform.
  3. Checkout: Choose a payment method and you will be transferred your share of the trade to your account.