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CS:GO & RUST giveaways

Are there any CS:GO players who don’t dream of owning the richest and most expensive collection of skins? Yet, getting the coveted free skins is not so easy. Nevertheless, there is a solution – CS:GO Giveaways where valuable items are raffled off. Do you want to know how and where you can win a cool skin without spending a dime? Read our review to the end and you’ll find out the details.

Types of the CS:GO Giveaways

Over the years of the game’s existence, CS:GO has gained an audience of millions of fans. Many of them have become collectors of skins. In-game items have turned into real currency that can be bought, sold, traded, and invested. Yet, particular popularity is enjoyed by CS:GO giveaways, which may add unique skins to your inventory.

There are two main ways to conduct draws:

  1. Standard – the usual contests held by various sites for completing certain tasks. These can be a wide variety of events where there is minimal or no financial investment at all. They are attractive and popular because they enable players with a moderate budget to try getting a valuable skin.
  2. Opening cases – in general, this method is somewhat similar to the previous one. The difference is that instead of a skin, the player gets a case or key to open it with. It is an unmatched experience when the time comes to open the case. In addition, they are often more valuable and beneficial during raffles than during a regular purchase.

Some sites come up with their own options for draws. Yet, you need to understand the rules, conditions, and requirements to get a better chance of winning.

CS:GO Site’s Giveaways

The industry of eSports is constantly evolving, which is why there are more and more sites offering interesting contests with rewards. Some players are skeptical of this phenomenon, and for good reason. If you take part in an event hosted by a well-known portal, it is quite realistic to get an expensive skin in exchange for certain actions.

Why is it beneficial for sites to give away skins? There may be many reasons: to promote a particular brand, site, or affiliate program, attract subscribers, and more.

Here are some examples of such sites:

  • CSGOCatalog – it conducts regular skin giveaways for all registered participants. After completing the tasks and getting a ticket, you can choose the appropriate raffle on your own, as well as view the history of previous events;
  • Key Drop – there’s a special section that features active contests where a large number of gamers take part. For example, right now the giveaway for a deposit of $10 or more is relevant;
  • DMarket – it raffles off new CS:GO items for completing special applications on the site after logging into your profile. Contests are held on a weekly basis, you can get a cool knife and other items.

In some cases, you may need a small investment then you should calculate if it is profitable in advance.

CS:GO Giveaways on Youtube

Cyber-sports streaming, and game broadcasting on Youtube are fairly new activities for the gamer community. At the same time, some bloggers attract thousands of viewers to their channels and earn based on their subscribers. The most famous streamers get a lot of offers from gambling establishments that accept bets in CS:GO skins to popularize their platforms and attract new players.

Furthermore, streamers can hold such contests on their own behalf to build up the number of active subscribers. Bloggers raffle off valuable gaming items. Such events are announced in advance.

If you want to participate in the grandiose giveaways, you need to try hard to find such an event. It is worth taking into account the high competition because there are always a lot of people who want free skins.

CS:GO Giveaways on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that host daily giveaways for the most famous and completely unfamiliar organizers. Most of the leading gambling sites have their Twitter pages, where they hand out lucrative promo codes on a limited edition basis. If you want to take part in such an event, inquire about the applicable conditions and the reward first. If personal data is required, you should avoid such contests.

Look for transparent and clear drawings that are conducted by portals you know. In that case, you have a better chance of winning and receiving a real reward. If you don’t want to miss an important event, you should subscribe to the most popular pages, monitor news on a regular basis, and set your preferences to be notified of new publications.

What are RUST Giveaways?

Just like in CS:GO, RUST skins are only a decoration, which does not affect the skills and health. At the same time, they are no less popular with players because you can stand out from everyone with the help of cosmetics and get recognition from the audience. That’s why RUST skins are raffled off on many portals dedicated to the game. Moreover, there are sites such as Reddit, which specialize in different games at the same time.

RUST skins giveaways are organized by websites, gambling platforms, streamers, bloggers, and just ordinary players who decided to show charity. If you fulfill all the conditions correctly, you have a high chance of getting a well-deserved prize.

Contests and giveaways for CS:GO and RUST skins are almost identical. The difference is that they can be held by different organizers, and skins can have different price points. Collectors and investors often participate in all giveaways where they can get free items, regardless of the game.

What can I win?

Most of the time we are giving away CSGO skins, but sometimes you will find here giveaways for skins from other steam games such a RUST or DOTA2 or cryptocurrency giveaways.

How does it work?

It’s extremly simple. All you have to do is claim your tickets in profile tab. Profile tab can be found after you log in. To do that, find “SIGN IN” button at the top-right corner of the website. After you login, you’ll see your profile tab. After you click “profile” it will redirect you to your profile page. In profile page you’ll see tasks that you can complete to gain tickets (see screenshot below). After you claim tickets, you’ll be able to join any giveaway you want. To do that just simply go to the giveaway page, select giveaway you want to join, type number of tickets you’d like to join with and click “ENTER” button.

What’s my chance to win a giveaway?

Well, it depends. The more tickets you have in a giveaway, the higher chance is that you’ll to win. If you have 20 tickets and total number of tickets is 100, you have 20% to win. After you login and join giveaway you’ll be able to see your number of tickets and winning chance.

How do I know if I win?

After giveaway ends, there will be an animation, in which participants will disappear (turn black). The last one left wins giveaway. If you missed animation, no worries. You’ll be able to see giveaway winner and the winning ticket in the giveaway page (in “ENDED” section). If you win, you’ll see that in your profile in “YOUR WINNINGS” section.

What is raffle?

We are doing our giveaways in form of a raffle. Raffle is a type of contest in which you can participate with tickets for a chance to win a prize in giveaways. Here you can win free CSGO, DOTA2, RUST skins and other rewards. The winner of a raffle will be picked once all slots are filled up or time passes (depends on type of raffle).

How can I get tickets?

You can get tickets for free by completing tasks in your profile page after you login.

Provably fair

Our giveaways are provably fair. We are generating secret and hash on start of the giveaway. Secret is hidden, it is visible after giveaway has been rolled. You can verify if we have changed giveaway results by hashing secret with sha512 (which will be public after rounds ends) and checking if it is same as hash given by us. You can also calculate winning ticket number



Thanks to CS:GO Giveaway, many players who can’t buy expensive skins get a chance to fill their inventory with cool cosmetics and feel more confident in the game. This is a great chance for many portals to show their generosity, earn audience loyalty, and attract new gamers. The giveaways are a win-win for both sides, so they are worth participating in.