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Freecash Promo Codes: Use “hellagood” and Get Free Case

  • many ways to make money
  • working referral codes
  • withdrawal of funds in many ways
  • generous bonus system
  • there are not many offerswalls yet
  • high commission for crypto withdrawal

Have you ever been interested in earning extra money online? You can get coins for simple tasks and convert them into skins. No investment is required – take surveys, sign up for mailing lists, and earn activity points. All the above is possible on Freecash.

You can also earn points from other sources, such as the Freecash promo code provided by us. Enter the combination and collect your bonus.

FreeCash referral codes list:

How to Use Freecash Promo Code?

This site will be a real find for CS:GO skins collectors. Even those on a limited budget will be able to afford cool skin. Freecash bonus code will help with it. Activation requires a few simple actions:

  1. Register on the Freecash website.
  2. Click the Promo Code.
  3. Enter the combination “hellagood.
  4. Get a free case.

These cases have cool drops, so it’s easy to become the owner of a rare skin or buy it for your collection.

FreeCash Information

brand FreeCash
bonus Free Case
Trustpilot Rating 4.6 – Excellent
Promo Code hellagood Sign Up!

freecash promo code

Is Freecash Legit?

If you ask the real visitors of the site about their opinion, you will find out how much money the most active participants have already been able to earn. So there is no doubt about the legitimacy of the web portal. Another proof is the rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. It indicates the reliability and honesty of the site, more information here.

Main Promotions & Bonuses

While you wait for profitable tasks, you can take part in a bonus program that will help you fill your account with fast coins and points, for instance

  • following the referral link, which gives additional bonuses to the account;
  • leaderboard – only the most active users take prize positions;
  • daily bonus and ladder – take the gift every day, and if you do not miss more than a day, you can increase the bonus each time;
  • doubling – it’s like a risk game; try doubling your bonus in a random drawing;
  • promo codes are the fastest and easiest way to get free coins into your bankroll.

Keep an eye out for promotions, giveaways, and our website, where we publish current limited-edition offers.

Casino Games Review on Freecash

Plenty of websites will offer you different casino games, but FreeCash is different, and here is why. On this platform, you can find plenty of featured offers that are going to reward you for playing different casino games. Below, you can find more details.

  • Caesars Slots: Join Caesars Slots and play any of the casino games like Plinko, Dice, Crash, Slots, etc. If you reach level 301 within 8 days, you can claim $57 for your troubles.
  • BC.Game Free Bonus: If you deposit $60 and wager it 2x, you are entitled to an additional $45 on FreeCash.
  • Vegas Casino: Sign up for an account, and participate in any of the games like lottery, blackjack, or even sports betting. By doing this, you will earn points and advance through levels. For every milestone, FreeCash will reward you with free funds.
  • 21Bets: Register for an account right now, make a minimum deposit of $20, wager it 3 times by betting on your favorite sports teams or by visiting the casino section and claim $17 in rewards.
  • Jupi Casino: Create an account, deposit $20, and start playing your favorite casino games including Roulette, Mines, Coinflip, or Slots. Wager the deposited funds 3 times and claim $17 on the FreeCash app.

Crypto Offers on Freecash

Now that you are familiar with casino games that you can play in order to earn free money, it is time we move on to crypto offers as there are a few of those that could come in handy as well. By signing up for an account on crypto websites, you are going to stack the money on FreeCash easily, so let’s dive right into the offers that are available.

  • FreeCrypto Rewards: Sign up for FreeCrypto Rewards, complete offers, and collect 2,500 points within 5 minutes. For this endeavor, FreeCash will reward you with $2,70.
  • Sign Up Offer: Download the mobile app, sign up for an account, and successfully pass the KYC(Know Your Customer) verification. Buy any cryptocurrency that you want and make a first trade and you will be rewarded with $3,60. Keep in mind that there is no minimum limit put in place so you can go for a low trade offer and claim one of the best rewards.
  • Make a Purchase: Sign up for an account by downloading the mobile app. Finish the verification process and purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum for a minimum of $1. Come back to FreeCash and claim $20,47 for your troubles.

Freecash Earning App

FreeCash is a mobile app available to both iOS and Android users. At the time of writing, this mobile app has 1 million+ downloads and a 4,1/5 rating on the mobile stores. The logic behind the earning app is simple. There are plenty of tasks for you to choose from, some are more simple while others are more complicated.

By successfully finishing the task, you are rewarded with rewards in the form of free money. There are all sorts of offers available on the platform including a simple sign up, playing the game, downloading the mobile app, using crypto, participating in a quiz or even signing up and playing on an online casino.

Alongside using the website, we would recommend that you download the mobile app on your dedicated platform. Here are the steps on how to do that.

  1. Head over to the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Type in the “FreeCash” and press the search button.
  3. Download the mobile app and sign up for an account.
  4. Finish your first task and claim free money.

Freecash Rewards

Did you know that there are several additional options that you can use to earn extra money on FreeCash? Simply do any survey or similar task for seven straight days and claim daily prizes. For the first day, you can get $0,02 for free. However, if you can reach the seventh day, you can get up to $50. Keep in mind that you need to earn a minimum of $1 every day to keep the strike going.

Daily Bonus Ladder is also available on the site. Every day you can get a free reward on the ladder. You have two options here, either claim it or try to double it in a coinflip game. Keep in mind that you can also use a promo code to open a free case that can win you free rewards as well. On top of that, by following FreeCash on Twitter and downloading the mobile app, you are entitled to rewards as well.

Affiliate System of Freecash

Not so long ago, FreeCash introduced a brand new affiliate system that is rewarding for the parties involved. By going through different tiers, you can claim excellent rewards in the form of increased commission. Here are the details:

  1. Tier 1 – 5% commission
  2. Tier 2 – 6% commission
  3. Tier 3 – 7% commission
  4. Tier 4 – 8% commission
  5. Tier 5 – 9% commission
  6. Tier 6 – 10% commission
  7. Tier 7 – 15% commission
  8. Tier 8 – 20% commission
  9. Tier 9 – 25% commission
  10. Tier 10 – 30% commission

By sharing your link or a promo code, anyone whom you refer can open a free case that can net them up to $250 in rewards. On top of that, if they are capable of earning $1 within the first 48 hours after creating an account, they will win three additional cases.

Freecash Leaderboard

Alongside stunning rewards, FreeCash also offers $20,000 in prizes for loyal customers every month. In the daily leaderboard, you can win your share of $500 in prizes every 24 hours based on the amount of points you were able to accumulate.

On top of that, the monthly leaderboard offers a much better prize pool of $5,000 in rewards. All in all, we suggest that you do not miss out and give it your best shot to gather as much points as possible and win free money.

Freecash Survey Partners

Alongside providing exclusive FreeCash deals, this is one of the few websites that teamed up with different survey platforms. This means that you can earn FreeCash rewards by participating in any of the surveys provided by the following partners:

  • BitLabs
  • CPX Research
  • YourSurveys
  • Pollfish

Simply click on any of the survey offers and you will be redirected to an offerwall. There, you can find additional information regarding how long will it take you to finish the survey and what the survey is about. On top of that, you will also find out how many FreeCash points you can claim once you finish the survey.

freecash review

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Freecash is one of the most convenient sites in terms of withdrawal. Since it is a site for earning, not investing, let’s look at withdrawal methods:

  • CS:GO skins and skins of other games – the site has a posh collection, and will be happy to share it with you;
  • withdrawal to Steam checkout – you can send coins and convert them into in-game currency;
  • cryptocurrency – you can transfer crypto starting from 10 cents through Coinbase;
  • Visa debit cards and Amazon – with a minimum amount of $5;
  • e-money on PayPal;
  • gift cards

It is likely that over time, other options will be added to expand the range of users.

Customer Support

Whenever you need help, you can contact the support team available 24/7. In addition, you can use the support teams of the sites that give you tasks to perform. And the third option is the FAQ section.


Freecash is a great way to make money without much effort. You can enter at any time, perform the task, and get the reward. Freecash has become a fast and easy option for gamers to replenish their collection of skins without spending money.


What is Freecash?

Freecash is a GPT portal for earning skins, crypto, and other rewards for completing tasks online.

Is Freecash safe?

It is absolutely clear that the site is safe to enter your personal information, register, and perform other activities.

How to get free money on Freecash?

The fastest and easiest solution is to use a promo code that can bring you up to $250.

How to earn cash on Freecash?

There are a lot of ways that will help you earn cash on FreeCash. For instance, you can complete simple tasks like surveys, account creation, playing games, or participating in exclusive casino offers.

How to earn crypto on Freecash?

Earning crypto on FreeCash has never been easier. In the “Crypto” category of the app, you will find dedicated offers that you can fulfill in order to claim crypto prizes such as passing the KYC verification, making a first trade, and more.

Is Freecash the best site to earn money?

FreeCash is a unique platform that offers plenty of ways to earn lucrative rewards. So yes, we would dare to say that FreeCash is one of the best sites out there where you can earn free money.


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