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Beste CS:GO TradeUp-Sites mit Affiliate-Codesin 2024

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Best Sites for Safe CS2 / CS:GO TradeUp

When Valve introduced cosmetic items in 2013, nobody even thought they would find such a demand. A whole distinct economy and business have emerged around buying-selling-exchanging skins, and some gamers are investing in cosmetic items to sell them later at a higher price.

If you want to exchange skins and avoid getting caught by cheaters, you should choose CS:GO TradeUp Sitescarefully. Today there are a lot of them in the network and it is difficult to distinguish an honest portal from a fly-by-night one. We have checked many of these sites and offer you a detailed review of the best platforms for trading skins. Be sure to read our article to the end if you want to know more about CS:GO TradeUp.


If you are interested in an honest exchange of your unwanted skins and want to get the best option, then we suggest you check out our selection of sites that have successfully passed all the necessary checks.

  • CSGORoll – the most visited site
  • CSGO500 – the largest selection of games of chance
  • Dmarket – the most functional site for TradeUp
  • – the richest selection of skins for trade
  • CSGOEmpire – the site with the most active players
  • CS.Money – the most famous TradeUp site
  • SkinsMonkey – the most generous rookie bonuses
  • – the best security technology

How to Choose the Best CS2 / CS:GO TradeUp Site?

You can find many websites that offer contracts, exchanges, selling, and buying CS:GO skins on the Internet. However, it is difficult for the average gamer to choose a really reliable portal. These are just the main of the many parameters that our team has analyzed each site for. Therefore we offer the review for those sites that inspired our 100% confidence. We recommend analyzing the site according to the following criteria, which will help screen out questionable resources:

legality - since there is no license for such activities, it is necessary to determine by a set of factors: the number of successful transactions, reviews, reputation, the use of innovative technologies, traffic;
operational period - swindlers are quickly exposed, that's why fly-by-night sites don't last long in the network;
trading conditions - each site offers its own rules and methods, which should coincide with your interests.

TOP 8 Legitimate Sites for CS2 / CS:GO TradeUp

How to Play in CS2 / CS:GO TradeUp?

In fact, it’s not as simple as it may seem. Experienced gamers develop whole strategies and mathematical calculations of their chance to get the best skin. However, it is important to understand that in most cases randomness decides everything. It’s up to this randomness to decide what you’ll get in the exchange.

What you need to do to start trading:

Find a reliable exchange site.
Sign in to your Steam account.
Set up your inventory for trading.
Choose skins to trade.
View the options that may come your way.
Continue and complete the process.

As a result of the exchange, you can get a skin that is an order of magnitude more valuable than 10 cheap ones. This is easier and more profitable than selling each skin individually and using the proceeds to buy an expensive item.


CSGO TradeUp is of interest to all gamers – from beginners to seasoned gamblers. If you find a reliable portal, you can profitably invest and exchange your unwanted skins, getting decent game items. There are online simulators and calculators on which inexperienced gamers can practice.


How does CS:GO TradeUp work?

It’s simple enough:

  • you sign in to the site with the CS:GO TradeUp function via Steam;
  • create a trade URL;
  • choose skins from your inventory;
  • see the offers.
What is the best CS:GO gambling site that supports TradeUp?

The best TradeUp sites are proven portals, such as CSGORoll, CSGO500, Dmarket,, CSGOEmpire, CS.Money, SkinsMonkey, and

Is CS:GO TradeUp legit in the USA?

CS:GO TradeUp is not illegal but you may have problems accessing certain sites with certain licenses.