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What is CS2 / CS:GO coinflip?

CS:GO coinflip sites are sites that are offering a possibility to gamble CS:GO skins on a game called coinflip. Coinflip is a PVP (Player Versus Player) game in which two users play against each other. They are betting the same amount of money and the winner gets all. So you can win around 2x of your bet (it may be less, because sites take a rake, mostly around 5-10%).

Coinflip odds

If you are betting on coinflip, your odds will not be always 50-50. If you are gambling on a CS:GO coinflip that is operating with skins instead of coins, it’s possible to deposit a bit less or more (usually up to 5% difference) than the person that created coinflip.

CS2 / CS:GO coinflip types

CS:GO sites can offer two types of coinflip. One type is the one where you have balance and can bet some amount of coins on coinflip. The other one is coinflip for skins, where you have virtual inventory on the website and bet skins directly. If you win in coinflip for virtual items, you will get skins instead of coins.


Best CS2 / CS:GO CoinFlip Sites

CoinFlip is considered the easiest PvP game with a 50/50 chance. It is enough to specify the side of the coin on which it will land after the toss. That is why it is often selected by beginners, and the challenge is to choose a decent gambling site.

Our review of CS:GO CoinFlip sites includes the best sites with fair payouts and safe transactions. Are you interested? Then let’s take a closer look at the rating.


Review of Best CS2 / CS:GO CoinFlip Sites

  • CSGORoll – the fastest signup and deposit
  • CSGOEmpire – the most generous bonuses site
  • – the most laconic site
  • GamDom – the site with the most extensive catalog of games
  • CSGOLuck – the most promising new site
  • DuelBits – the best VIP program and bonuses
  • Roobet – the best promo codes

A more detailed report is prepared as well.

Free bonuses

Many of these CS:GO coinflip sites are offering bonuses for new users and active ones. On some of them, you can claim free coins without depositing and try to win something out of them. To claim a referral bonus, just use the referral code provided with the website.

TOP 7 CS2 / CS:GO CoinFlip Sites


It is highly recommended to convert skins to CS:GO coins on trusted sites. You can find such a popular game as CoinFlip at all sites presented in the review. They all feature transparent payments, generous bonuses, and impeccable reputations.


Are there still CS:GO CoinFlip sites?

You can find many websites for CS:GO CoinFlip on the web but not all of them are considered reliable.

How does CS:GO CoinFlip work?

It’s a simple coin-flip game between two players. You can bet with money or skins, and the winner takes it all.

Is CS:GO skin CoinFlip legal in the US?

The game is considered legal but it all depends on the chosen website. It is recommended to check the restrictions of each site in advance.