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What is a CS2 / CS:GO Live Casino?

A CS:GO Live Casino is an example of an online live casino where you can play live casino games with CS:GO skins and possibly win. The term “Live Casino” is generally used to refer to the kind of casino where you have a human dealer similar to if you were in a traditional casino. There are many types of games you can play, including games based on well-known brands like Monopoly or Deal or No Deal. On most live casinos there is a chat and you can also check other people’s winnings.

What are some of the benefits of a CS2 / CS:GO Live Casino ?

A CS:GO Live Casino is if you want to take your betting to the next level and want a more authentic experience like if you were actually in Las Vegas. It is extremly fun playing with an actual dealer remotely and being able to chat with other people. You are often even given a choice to choose a dealer that you like. Many of the games are also much more fun. Many of the traditional CS:GO casino games are simply roulette, fortune wheel, slot machines, or similar style games, while these exist in Live Casinos, there is generally a better selection of games that can be played, and often multiple variants. Some of these games you may know from TV game shows such as Monopoly or Deal or No Deal.

Another benefit to a CS:GO Live Casino is the trust. If you use a Live CS:GO Casino game, you will see an actual person sorting out through all the cards or spinning the wheel in real-time so you can be more convinced that a game is not rigged. There is often a chatroom with real people in a live casino. You can chat with a dealer and people all around the world.


Cons of CS2 / CS:GO Live Casinos

Some of the cons of CS:GO Live casinos are that you can’t test some of the games. While in some other online casinos you can play the game for fun to test if it is a game you are confident with, this is not common with CS:GO Live Casinos meaning you will most likely need to spend money to test which games you are good at or like. One of the disadvantages that can be considered an advantage is that a casino needs a license to use live casino games software, so most CS:GO gambling sites won’t offer it. Although the number of sites that are offering live casino games and accepting skins deposit is increasing. Live casinos may be a little better than normal online casinos, but like normal casinos, the house still has an advantage.

What are some of the CS2 / CS:GO Live Casino Bonuses?

Most CS:GO Live Casinos offer bonuses for their users. They can have various forms depending on the website you are playing on. The most common bonuses are a sign-up reward, deposit bonus, and a Rakeback bonus.

Sign-up reward

A sign-up reward is a type of reward which you get if you’re a new user of a casino. On most CS:GO casinos you will have to use a referral code to get it.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus increases your deposit. Some sites offer deposit bonuses only for the first deposit, others increase your every deposit. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the bonus, before you use it, as some sites will require you to wager some amount before you can withdraw, so it’s good to read it and compare bonuses on different sites.

Rakeback bonus

A Rakeback bonus is a bonus that helps you to get some money that was taken by a house edge. Every casino game has a house edge, otherwise, it would be unprofitable for the casino. If the live casino game RTP (Return To Player) is 96.5%, it means that this game has a 3.5% house edge. With a Rakeback bonus, you get a portion of the house edge back for your bets. It’s mostly between 5-20%. You get rakeback bonus even when you profit.

How to get money into CS2 / CS:GO Live Casinos?

Many payment platforms do not accept gambling websites anymore, even Skrill stopped accepting gambling websites. CS:GO gambling websites allow you to bet CS:GO items in the Live Casino. If you are not willing to bet your items, most of them accept many common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or others. You may also be able to deposit money with gift cards or even traditional card deposits. If you don’t want to put in your money but want to play anyway, many websites provide free money for signing up. Even if you get free money, some sites will require you to deposit money to do many actions (for example you might have to deposit before you can withdraw).


To summarize, there are many advantages and some disadvantages to online CS:GO Live Casinos. While there is a great selection of games and you are playing with real people, Live Casinos are generally not as common as traditional online casinos. Although they are getting more and more common. It’s a great alternative to slots and can be extremely fun!