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What is CS2 / CS:GO Upgrader?

CS:GO Upgrader is a game on CS:GO gambling sites that allows you to upgrade your skins for more expensive ones. On CS:GO Upgrader, you can deposit skins that you can later use in the upgrader. It’s simple – after you log in, select skins you’d like to upgrade and skins you’d like to win. Your winning chance is dependent on your skins’ value and the value of skins you’ve selected from bot inventory. Once you’ve selected both your skins and skins you want to win, you can click “upgrade”. You will see an upgrader animation that will tell you whether you won or not.


Seven Top Sites for CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Skins

  • HellCase – the best bonuses and promotions
  • Skin.Club – the site with the most active audience
  • Farmskins – the best site in terms of deposit methods
  • DatDrop – the best free case study site
  • Key-Drop – the highest number of upgrades
  • Bloodycase – the site with the fastest registration
  • CSGORoll — the site with the fastest payouts

Below let us take a closer look at each of the sites.

CS2 / CS:GO Upgrader Bonuses

Many CS:GO Upgrader Sites offer various bonuses to attract new users. Some of them might be free coins, others might be deposit bonuses. You might need to use a referral code to get these bonuses.

How to choose a good CS2 / CS:GO Upgrader Site?

You should check the site before playing on it. There are a few things to consider when looking at the CS:GO Upgrader Site:

Fair system
Fair system
Provably Fair system - as with every gambling site, you must make sure that the casino isn't cheating on you. On CS:GO Upgrader, you should see server seed's hash and client seed listed. You should be able to change client seed too. Note that some upgrader sites might have different provably fair systems, for example, based on EOS blockchain.
House edge
House edge
House edge - before playing on CS:GO Upgrader, you should make sure its house edge isn't too high. For example, if the house edge is 5%, you will theoretically lose 5% on every upgrade. If house edge isn't provided on site, you can check it by depositing cheap skin and checking your winning chance on an item that is 2x as expensive as your item. In the ideal world, you would have a 50% chance to win, but because of the house edge, it will be lower. For 10% house edge, your winning chance for an item as twice as expensive as yours is 45%. You shouldn't play on sites with a house edge higher than that.
Website's reputation - you should always choose sites that are well-known and have a good reputation to be sure that you won't be scammed.

TOP 7 CS2 / CS:GO Upgrade Sites


By trading and taking advantage of CS:GO upgrade skins on legit sites, you minimize the risks and get the most value out of the process. Our review is intended to provide you with the best conditions for playing with CS:GO skins.


Are there still CS:GO Upgrade sites?

There are a lot of websites on the Internet but not all of them should be trusted. Choose a reliable platform from our review.

How do you upgrade skins in CS:GO?

It’s easy: register on the site, enter the skin, and make a bet, choosing the coefficient of upgrade. If you are lucky, you will get a more valuable item.

Do CS:GO skins get worse over time?

Yes, they have levels of wear and tear, which are even displayed visually.