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How to play CS2 / CS:GO crash?

The crash game is a game in which a multiplier is random. It increases and at a random moment, it crashes. You can bet on any multiplier you want and if the round multiplier is higher than the multiplier you betted on, you win by the multiplier you selected. You can also cash out manually during the round without selecting a multiplier when betting. The lowest multiplier possible is 1x and it can go up to even 1000x. Keep in mind that the higher multiplier selected, the lower percentage to win it. We recommend selecting multiplier before the round starts, so if your internet connection is lost you won’t lose money, it will automatically cash out at the multiplier you set.

Free CS2 / CS:GO crash bonuses

Many CS:GO crash sites are offering free bonuses for new users. Using these bonuses is a great way to get free skins. If there is a referral code provided, use it to get a bonus.


CS2 / CS:GO crash strategies

No strategy will guarantee you winning because of the house edge. Although you can increase your chance of winning by using gambling strategies.


Martingale system is the most popular among roulette sites. You simply bet some amount on red/black and if you lose you multiply your bet 2x. Although it can be applied to CSGO crash sites. You just simply have to bet on a 2.00x multiplier every round and if you lose, you just increase your bet. You should bet very low as a base bet to be safer with this strategy.

TOP 8 CS2 / CS:GO Crash Sites

CS:GO Crash is played by those who want to get the ultimate thrills and exciting experience. Tracing the rising line, you want to click the bet and at the same time get the most out of the round. This popular gambling entertainment is offered by many sites but how to choose a really reliable one out of them?

Our review includes the best Crash gambling sites that have successfully completed multiple-criteria testing. Do you want to play for fun and have a guarantee that you’ll get your winnings? Read more about legit CS:GO Crash sitesbelow.

  • CSGORoll – the site with the most productive tech support
  • CSGOLuck – the newest platform with a large selection of games
  • WTFSkins – the platform with the fastest withdrawal CS:GO skins
  • GamDom – the most extensive library of games
  • CSGOPolygon – the most honest site with Provably Fair
  • DaddySkins – the site with the most attractive welcome bonus
  • DuelBits – the platform with the best rakeback
  • Roobet — the best crypto site.

Top Rating of the Best CS2 / CS:GO Crash Betting Sites


To fully enjoy playing CS:GO Crash, you should choose websites with a strong reputation and proven payouts. We did the job for you and selected the best CS:GO Crash sites for gambling leisure.


Are there still CS:GO crash sites?

There are a lot of other CS:GO Crash sites out there but our rating includes the best of them.

How does CS:GO crash work?

It’s easy – just bet with CS:GO skins, watch the line go up, and get your money before the line breaks.

Is CS:GO skin crash legal in the US?

It all depends on the site you choose. Some platforms are allowed in the U.S., others are not.