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Melhores sites de troca de CS:GO com códigos de afiliadoem 2024

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Best CS2 / CS:GO Exchange Sites: Review

The developed economy of the popular shooter CS:GO opens up many opportunities for gamers to obtain valuable in-game items. They can be used as a unique character or as an investment for further profitable exchanges.



It is important to choose a reliable platform to ensure that the transactions are fair and safe. Today there are a lot of sites that offer their CS:GO exchange services. How to find the best option among them? Here is an overview of proven sites that millions of users trust and take advantage of.

  • Skinport – the best site with a cashout
  • DMarket – the best interface development
  • Tradeit.GG – the most attractive bonus system
  • SkinsMonkey – the most promising site
  • CS.Money – the best 3D skin review
  • SkinSwap – the most concise web portal
  • – the best beta version

We strived to save you time and thoroughly checked a lot of platforms for skin exchanges. Here are seven legit sites that you can trust.

How to Choose the Best CS2 / CS:GO Exchange Sites?

The number of platforms offering their services for skin exchanges keeps growing online. That’s why it’s getting harder and harder to choose a really reliable option. Review the Terms and Conditions and User Agreement beforehand. Should there be many clauses and fine-print insertions, it’s worth looking for a site with more transparent rules. If you want to avoid making any fatal mistakes, here are a few tips to choose the best sites to exchange CS:GO skins:

Reputation - Reputable portals get a lot of positive feedback. This is how the platform's reputation is formed. It is a good idea to visit the dedicated websites and read reviews from real gamers;
Operating time
Operating time
Operating time - It is true that not every new website is a scammer a priori, yet, a long-working resource inspires more confidence, as unreliable intermediaries are quickly exposed;
Interface - Any one-day website is a hastily designed platform with limited functionality and grammatical errors in the text. Respectable companies devote a lot of time to ensure a high-quality layout;
Offers - do not trust too tempting terms, overly generous bonuses, and unrealistic prices for skins. This is a trap for gullible newcomers, as experienced gamers know the market.

Top 7 Recommended Skin CS2 / CS:GO Exchange Sites

How to Use CS2 / CS:GO Exchange?

The principle of CS:GO exchange is very simple – you go to the selected site, register on it through your Steam account and exchange your unnecessary skins for more valuable things. The transaction requires an equal value, which means that you may need to deposit several skins, knives, or other weapons to get the one that is more expensive in value.

You can exchange with other players in P2P mode or with an automated bot, depending on the functionality of the platform. In the second case, the evaluation is made according to a predetermined algorithm and a deal is offered. When it comes to a live person, you can trade in a wider range, however, you need to find a client to do so.


If you search best skin exchange sites, it may take a lot of time. Have a closer look at the ready-to-use results that we have carefully prepared for you and exchange skins safely at the best rate.


How do you exchange CS:GO skins for real money?

Choose a website that supports the cashout, for instance, Skinport or CS.Money, log in via Steam, post the item for sale, and after the transaction has been completed, withdraw the funds in any available way.

What is a trusted site for CS:GO exchange?

A trusted site is a platform that offers transparency, and fair pricing, and enjoys high demand among gamers.

Is CS:GO exchange safe?

It is highly recommended to choose safe exchange portals, such as Skinport, DMarket, Tradeit.GG, SkinsMonkey, CS.Money, SkinSwap, and

Is CS:GO exchange legit in the USA?

Some sites that have US-approved licenses operate legally. At the moment, the situation with skin exchange is not fully settled and regulated.