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Os melhores sites de cashout de CS:GO com códigos de afiliadoem 2024

Aqui encontrarás sites de cashout CS:GO de confiança e muito mais. Legítimos e totalmente revistos!


What are CS2 / CS:GO cashout sites?

CS:GO cashout sites are sites in which you can instantly cash out your CS:GO skins to real money or cryptocurrency. The price is determined by the site. It may be a bit lower than on CS:GO marketplaces, but you don’t have to wait for somebody to buy your skins and you are getting money in just a few minutes.

Review of Popular CS2 / CS:GO Cashout Sites

Many CS:GO players that own a decent collection of skins want to exchange them for real currency. All proceeds in the official Steam store remain on the account and are not available for withdrawal. There are third-party CS:GO Cashout sites that offer a fixed cost and a variety of transfer options for cashing out game items.

Choosing a reliable marketplace is not easy because there are a lot of scammers on the web who are not interested in paying out the funds. Our review will help you make the right choice and get a decent payment.


What CS2 / CS:GO Cashout Site to Choose

  • SkinCashier offers the fastest payouts
  • Skinport is the site with the best service and speed of deal processing
  • CSGOSelly offers the best prices on the market
  • offers the most profitable affiliate program
  • Tradeit.GG offers the most generous welcome bonus
  • SkinSwap – the most promising new site for skin trades
  • is the safest skin trading site
  • DMarket offers the best functionality and P2P deals

Now let us take a closer look at each site for a full review.

8 Best CS2 / CS:GO cashout sites

How to Cashout a CS2 / CS:GO Skins?

Before you start selling skins, you must meet the requirements for the Steam account, which are imposed by all marketplaces:

⏰ the profile must be over 30 days old

💰 there should be more than $5 in deposits or purchases, excluding gift cards, etc

😎 SteamGuard disabled

In some cases, check the reputation of the account for questionable transactions and violations in the past.

To sell skins from your inventory, you should follow a few steps:

Sign in to your Steam account
Create a Steam Trade URL
Read prices for skins in inventory
Choose a cashout method and sell items on the trade site

This is a standard instruction that may be supplemented by other activities depending on the particular website. It is possible to cash out CS:GO skins for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, via bank transfer, bank card, e-wallet, or other skins. The more ways the site offers to withdraw, the better.

Before making a deal, it is recommended to check the site’s rules, fees, and other conditions.


Trading CS:GO skins can be quite profitable and lucrative but you need to carefully choose a trading site with a proven reputation. In our review, we have examined well-known platforms with reliable deals, minimal commissions, and generous bonuses.


Can you cash out on CS:GO?

You definitely can if you use the services of such reputable sites as Tradeit.GG, Skinport, DMarket, and some others.

How do I cash out my CS:GO skins?

For this purpose, select a payment system on the trading site, make a deal through your Steam account, and wait for the payment to be processed.

Where can I cash out my CS:GO skins?

You can withdraw real money on all the websites presented in the review.