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Trade H1Z1 Skins

H1Z1 is a multiplayer game with awesome dynamics. You can play it alone or as a team. The goal is to be the last survivor and to last the longest.

In the course of the game, there are cases with drops that improve skills or contribute to the maintenance of health. However, no less interesting are the skins designed to improve the graphical representation. These can be traded on specialized marketplaces to earn money and buy more valuable items. If you want, you can keep the new item with you to provoke the envy of others. Learn more about how and where H1Z1 Skins Trading is performed in this review.

What are the Benefits of Selling, Buying, and Trading H1Z1 Skins?

The advantages of trading H1Z1 skins are as follows:

  • you can always get rid of an unwanted item and get money for it;
  • if an item does not correspond to the desired rarity, it can be easily exchanged;
  • when you want to stand out among your team or your opponents, new skins will help.

If you choose the right platform, you can buy skins of any value. Transactions will be reliable and secure.

It is not enough to know how to buy or sell skins. It is more important to find a platform that operates honestly and ensures reliable processes. We have selected popular resources that are in demand among users. Look through the information about them to choose the best site.

How to Get for Free H1Z1 Skins

If you want to get H1Z1 skins, you need to actively participate in the game. They are also provided as part of a certain promotion on the website of your choice. However, to avoid missing the next giveaway, study the news block carefully.

Each item can be used on its own or sold/exchanged. It all depends on personal preference and thirst for possessing rare skins.

How We Select the Best H1Z1 Skins Trading Site

If you choose wisely, you minimize the chances of dealing with scammers. If you want to choose the best portal for selling H1Z1 skins, pay attention to the following criteria:

Time of working
Time of working
the date the platform was founded. The longer it works, the more trustworthy it is
the presence of registration and a current license to operate
the use of modern systems to ensure the reliability and safety of processes
Payment methods
Payment methods
variability of payment methods for trouble-free deposit and withdrawal
the number of registered users and completed transactions

Best Sites to Sell, Buy, and Trade H1Z1 Skins

How to Trade, Buy, Sell H1Z1 Skins

How to Trade H1Z1 Skins

  1. Choose a reliable platform.
  2. Register and add a Steam exchange link.
  3. Choose items for sale and set a price.
  4. Check all the criteria and confirm your intentions

How to Buy H1Z1 Skins

  1. Go to one of the platforms that offer skins for H1Z.
  2. Register and log in to your account.
  3. Add a Steam exchange link, and top up your balance.
  4. Choose items that you want to buy. Then add them to the cart.
  5. Pay for skins you are interested in and arrange their withdrawal.

How to Sell H1Z1 Skins

  1. Go to a reliable trading website.
  2. Sign up and log in to your profile.
  3. Choose items for sale in your inventory.
  4. Set an acceptable price

How to Exchange H1Z1 Skins to Other Game Skins

If you want to exchange H1Z1 skins for other games, it is necessary to choose a portal that works with several projects. For example, it additionally provides items for Dota 2, CS:GO, RUST, etc. After that, follow these steps:

register and log in to the system
add a Steam exchange code to your profile
select items from your inventory to be transferred
mark the skins you want to receive in return
confirm your actions

As a rule, the whole process is not performed with real people but with a bot. Don’t worry if the exchange doesn’t work on the first attempt. Each site has instructions with detailed explanations of the steps.


Trading and exchanging H1Z1 skins are popular among players. However, to minimize cheating on the part of specialized sites, it is necessary to approach their selection responsibly. In this review, we have considered five portals that enjoy the maximum demand. We recommend BitSkins because its rating on is 4.8.


Where can I trade H1Z1 skins?

H1Z1 trading is carried out on specialized platforms where the original items are offered.

Is it legit to sell, buy and trade H1Z1 skins?

Yes. The sites are registered and their activities are legal. Accordingly, the purchase, sale, and exchange of skins is not a legal violation.

Where can I get free H1Z1 skins?

If you’re interested in how to get free items, then start playing H1Z1. You can also expect to get them if you receive a gift from a friend.