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Les meilleurs sites d'échange de Dota 2 avec codes d'affiliationen 2024

Vous trouverez ici des sites d'échange de Dota 2 dignes de confiance et plus encore. Légaux et entièrement révisés!

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Tested Dota 2 Trading Sites

The popularity of Dota 2 has grown beyond the confines of ordinary entertainment. It became a separate world with its own economy. The multimillion community collects rare and unique skins. The official Steam store is not able to satisfy all demands of users, imposing a lot of requirements, conditions, and restrictions for the trade and exchange of items.


Third-party websites offer more flexible trading of items at affordable prices. In our review, we will take a look at the best sites to trade Dota 2 skins, which are popular, safe, and reliable.

  • SkinsMonkey – the best site for speed of transaction processing
  • Dmarket – the best site based on blockchain technology
  • CS.Money – the best conditions for trade
  • Loot.Farm – the best site with cashback
  • Tradeit.GG – the site with the lowest commission
  • Skinport – the site with zero buyer commission
  • SkinSwap – the site with bonuses for deals

A detailed analysis will help to study the main features of each platform.

How to Choose the Best Site to Trade Dota 2 Skins?

Out of thousands of sites, it is necessary to screen out unreliable, suspicious, and inconvenient platforms. Not everyone knows what criteria must be taken into account. During the process, there may be additional criteria that can affect the selection of the best Dota 2 item trading site. Let’s discuss everything step by step:

reputation - the Internet enables you to check all the important indicators that reflect the reputation of the website. This can be users’ feedback, review sites, and ratings of authoritative media outlets;
Operating time
Operating time
operating time - the longer the site is on the market, the more reliable it looks in the eyes of users. After all, sooner or later the cheaters are exposed;
the number of successful transactions - this information can be obtained from the site, as well as from other reliable sources;
the commission is the interest charged from the transaction, which varies from one site to another. Overstated rates are unacceptable from an economic point of view, and understated ones are suspicious;
the convenience of the interface and navigation - a reputable site always takes care of the visitors' comfort;
Customer support
Customer support
customer support and timely assistance are the hallmarks of a caring platform. Dota 2 trading can be challenging for newcomers and they would like to get quick and professional answers.

TOP 7 Sites to Trade Dota 2 Items

How to Trade Dota 2 Skins

There are three ways to get rid of unnecessary skins:

Steam Community Market – the official community store;

third-party legit Dota 2 trading sites;

the Dota 2 store directly.

Most gamers prefer the second option, as many sites allow cashing out and withdrawing funds to a personal account. Official marketplaces do not provide such an opportunity, saving all the money exclusively in your Steam wallet.

Let's look at the step-by-step instructions on how to trade Dota 2 skins on third-party resources:

Register on the selected site via your Steam account.
Request the URL for the exchange. For this purpose, enter the appropriate section and click the key labeled "Get your trading URL".
Copy the link received after the request.
Select the game on the site with the Dota 2 trade.
Open your inventory and complete the deal.
You will receive a message on your Steam account with a request to confirm the action, and after you agree, you will receive your item.

The sale is carried out according to the same scheme. You can withdraw funds via the available methods, which are provided by the website of your choice.


Dota 2 skins trading is a good deal that enables you to get desired items and get rid of accumulated items. By choosing sites from our rating, you are guaranteed to make a successful deal and get an update to your collection.


Where can I trade Dota 2 items?

You can make an exchange on the official Steam site or choose any site with better offers from our review.

Why can't I trade in Dota 2?

The reason for refusal to trade may be due to problems with the account, lack of verification, violations, etc.

Are Dota 2 items trade locked?

No, you can freely trade skins and other items on the site of your choice.