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Sitios Para Abrir Casos de CS2 / CS:GO con códigos de afiliaciónen 2024

Aquí encontrarás sitios fiables de CS2 / CS:GO para abrir casos y mucho más. ¡Legítimos y totalmente revisados!


Which Website is the Best to Open CS2 Cases in 2024

Are you searching for the ideal CS2 case opening website? If that is indeed the case, you came to the right place. In this piece, we will do our best to bring you closer to the best sites that offer case openings while also providing information about bonuses and promotions you can receive when creating an account. Without further ado, let’s get started right away.

Our List of CS2 Case Opening Sites With Codes

CS2 Case Opening Site Description Bonus Redeem Code Review
list-item-1 Best overall CS2 case opening site Get 3 free cases and a 5% cash deposit bonus IGAMBLE-CSGO read now
list-item-1 Best for case battles Claim 5% to every deposit made TOP100LIST read now
list-item-1 Best for a variety of cases Get $0,50 for free, a 10% deposit bonus, and a free daily case GAMBLECSGO100 read now
list-item-1 Best for newcomers Enjoy 2 cases for free and get an additional $1 in cash GAMBLECSGO read now
list-item-1 Popular for excellent design Start with 3 free cases and a 5% top up bonus HELLAGOOD read now
list-item-1 Most established CS2 case opening website Open a free bonus case worth anywhere from $0,01 to $1,445 and get free coins TOP100LIST read now
list-item-1 Great for diversified payments Get 8% deposit bonus on the next payment GAMBLE100 read now
list-item-1 Best game selection Claim $0,15 after signing up for an account HELLAGOOD read now
list-item-1 Great customer support Get $2 for free and unlock instant rakeback HELLA read now
list-item-1 Best for daily bonuses Get daily free cases, rakeback, and a 5% deposit bonus HELLAGOOD read now
list-item-1 Best for free coins Unlock daily free cases every 24 hours and claim additional rakeback HELLAGOOD read now
list-item-1 Best for crypto payments Get $0,9 for free and a 10% deposit bonus HELLA read now

Successful Strategies For Opening CS2 Cases

If you want to win expensive skins when opening cases, then you should not miss out on this section as we will provide tips and tricks that will help you on your venture.

Open cases based on risk tolerance
Given the fact that all CS2 case opening sites disclose the chance of winning particular items from the case, you should open the ones that are in line with your risk tolerance.
Take advantage of bonuses
Let’s face it, all it takes is a single case to pull out a massive win. For that reason, you want to get as much free money as you possibly can. That’s why we would suggest using deposit and other promotions.
Stick with the cases that suit you
Lastly, if you had success with certain cases, we would suggest sticking with those as you know what you are playing for.

How to Get and Open CS2 Cases

If you are just starting your case opening venture, you might struggle to find your footing. However, this is nothing to worry about as we have prepared the necessary steps that will guide you in the right direction. Here are the details:

Choose a CS2 case opening website that suits you the most.
Create an account and take advantage of the welcome bonus that we talked about in the table above.
Add funds to your account and choose a case that you want to open.
Purchase the cases and the opening process will begin right away.
Sell or withdraw the skins that you won from opening cases.


All in all, this piece was all about presenting what CS2 case opening is all about. Our main job was to hook you up with a list of the best sites that will provide the full package including a variety of cases, excellent bonuses, promotions, and a diversified range of deposit and withdrawal methods. With that in mind, choose your website for opening cases wisely and take advantage of every possible bonus offer that you find as this will give you an edge over the platform.


What is CS2 case opening?

CS2 case opening is a game where players are investing money into a case. After being opened, this case guarantees a win. Sometimes, that win can be more than what you invested in the case, while at times it can also be lower than what was invested.

What percentage of cases contain rare CS2 skins?

This is a highly preferential question. If you are interested in opening more expensive cases, then those are guaranteed to have rare and very expensive CS2 skins in them.

Is the CS2 case opening legit?

Yes, at the time of writing, CS2 case opening is legit and it is not seen as a form of online gambling. For that reason, the majority of platforms can legitimately operate without a proper gambling license, but you as a player should check out that the fairness system is operational.